The Piano Connection

A Music Teacher Founded Service Connecting Buyers and Sellers of Pianos

Piano Accessories

The Piano Connection can provide you with the highest quality piano accessories, many of which can only be obtained through suppliers. We offer the following items below the suggested retail price. Please contact us and we'll supply information and photos from our catalogue.

  • Benches:
    • Artist (several sizes from petit to duet)
    • Digital piano benches
    • Grand and vertical wood benches
    • Organ benches
    • School benches
    • All in a variety of leg styles and finishes

  • Piano stools and chairs

  • Music cabinets

  • Piano lamps

  • Bench pads (stock and custom)

  • Rug savers placed beneath the pedals

  • Adjustable piano pedal platform for children

  • Vertical piano mute

  • Fall board locks (to protect little fingers and control use of piano)

  • Soundboard cleaner/duster (allows you to clean beneath the strings)

  • Polish and cabinet care products

  • Dampp Chaser products

  • Caster cups

  • Piano covers (grand, vertical, organ)

  • Dollies for pianos that change location

  • Piano moving equipment