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Purchasing a piano can be a daunting process. Brands can vary from year to year, from model to model, from climate to climate, and each instrument will have an individual sound. Piano buyers who have difficulty identifying the best piano within their budgets are often sold a “bargain” piano that quickly proves to be unsatisfactory because the instrument soon fails to meet the advancing player’s needs. Not only do such inferior pianos impede players' progress, they are also poor investment when the time comes to sell.

The Piano Connection carefully evaluates buyers' preferences and budget and matches their needs with new pianos with warranties or previously-owned pianos on the private market. The pianos are in private homes of pianists where buyers can play the instruments without the pressures of the showroom. The pianists are available to demonstrate the piano, thereby helping buyers hear the full potential of the instrument.

Once we have a clear idea of your ideal instrument, The Piano Connection will search for pianos that meet your criteria. Your piano may be available on the private market, or we may be able to help locate it in the retail marketplace. We will gladly suggest where you may obtain the best price, service, and treatment (without pressure, intimidation, or inflated prices). Feel free to contact us before or during your retail marketplace exploration.

  The Piano Connection can serve as your personal shopper. In this candid photo, the Founder inspects a piano buffed by Arno Arrak prior to delivery.



Boston grand piano consigned and sold by the Piano Connection.