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As a piano instructor with over 30 years' experience with pianos and pianists, I value fine instruments that provide a wide range of sound capabilities. Every pianist should have the opportunity to understand and experience playing one of these instruments. Sadly, students often purchase a piano that doesn't offer the response needed to develop both technically and musically. So when considering purchasing a piano, I encourage buyers to think beyond the first few years and purchase an instrument that will take them through their intermediate level into the advanced repertoire.

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American Pianos  
  Knabe Concert Grand Piano (Daniels Recital Hall Downtown Seattle) Sold!

Hand rubbed, ebony satin finish in pristine condition!

Manufactured in 2006, this piano was purchased new for over $20,000 from the local dealer by an adult beginner with an eye for quality.

Here's what Mark Andersen, the artistic director at Daniels Recital Hall, says about the Knabe:

"The Knabe is a REALLY nice piano. Not only beautiful cosmetically but also a really responsive and lovely musical instrument. It speaks for itself. The warm big sound is especially pleasing to the performer. I find the action to be even and fast throughout. The repetition is among the best I have found on any piano I have played. Whether you are playing subtly pianissimo or with a great forte you will love the response you get back from this fine musical instrument. In addition to sounding beautiful, the finish of this piano is truly magnificent and looks showroom pristine."
This is a wonderful piano for both classical and jazz players. One of our clients, a world class jazz pianist, recorded many CDs on a Knabe from this period.
  • 6' 4"
  • All Renner action
  • Original low-tension Baltimore scale design with added duplex
  • Hand rubbed, ebony satin finish
  • Includes adjustable artist bench
  • Exceptional quality and value at $10,900
  Steinway O Grand Piano (Seattle) Sold to a prominent pianist living in the Northwest, Dr. Oana Rusu Tomai!

Steinway O, 5' 10" vintage period with the cherished sound unmatched by newer instruments.
  • Warm complex tone unique to older Steinways
  • Ebony finish
  • Brand new Steinway action installed by one of the region's top Steinway technicians
  • Dampp Chaser (humidity control system)
  • New bass strings
  • Ivories
  • Excellent condition, ready for 100 years of playing
European Pianos   
  Grotrian Steinweg Braunschweig Grand Piano (Seattle) Sold to a prominent manufacturer in Portland, OR!
  • 6 feet, high gloss ebony, serial number 102901 (manufactured 1969).
  • Belonged to a distinguished Seattle Symphony pianist
  • Powerful tone, wide dynamic range
  • Action is very controllable
  • Renner hammers, action shows light use
  • Just serviced and inspected by a top piano technician for this sale
  • Includes artist and wood top benches
  • Exceptional value, asking $15,950
This piano possesses the focused tone quality associated with  European pianos like Bösendorfer, Schimmel, August Förster, Estonia, Blüthner, Bechstein, among others. It was the personal instrument of Lockrem Johnson, Seattle composer, pianist with the Seattle Symphony and Seattle's Cornish School faculty. The piano has been beautifully maintained by its second owners, retirees. The Grotrian possesses a very powerful tone yet easily produces whispering pianissimos. With this dynamic range, the Grotrian is a great instrument for a pianist, singer/choir, school, or religious venue.

If you are thinking of buying a new or used Asian piano such as a Yamaha or Kawai, consider the Grotrian Steinweg. For less money than a new or used Asian piano, you can own a larger instrument with greater, more satisfying tonal possibilities. Be the proud owner of a unique European instrument for half the price of a new!
Schweighofer Grand Piano from Vienna, Austria (Seattle) New on the market!
  • Finish: Walnut Satin
  • Serial No.: R3406
  • Year Built: 1874
  • Size: 6'10"
  • Magnificent hand-carved cabinet
  • Beautiful tone and full capable action
  • Price: $21,000
This is a true museum piece currently on display in the front window of a downtown Seattle location.  Schweighofer is Vienna's oldest piano manufacturer, dating back to 1792.  (Information about this piano can be found on the official Schweighofer museum website Schweighofer was responsible for many innovations in the early history of piano making and won the Gold Medal at the Vienna exhibition in 1845. This piano has been tuned 3 times per year by its most recent owner (a professional pianist and organist) and has a magnificent hand-carved cabinet. Defying its age, the tone is beautiful and the action fully capable.
Bösendorfer Grand Pianos

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Schimmel Grand and Vertical Pianos
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Vertical Pianos  
  We can help you find your first entry level piano, whether previously owned or brand new with a warranty. Contact us to learn about options.

Restored Gulbransen Player Piano (Seattle) Sold to International Artists!

Exceptional restored 1928 Gulbransen vertical that doubles as a player:  you play or it plays itself!

This is a wonderful instrument for a pianist who appreciates the big sound of an older restored piano over modern verticals. The piano's satisfying touch and sound are due to its extensive restoration.

Featured Purchases  

Michael Barnes and Ms. Faull
Steinway B (Seattle)
Sold to a generous donor who gifted the piano to a Medina, WA, church!

This Steinway B has a special history owing to its remarkable quality and condition. The Steinway was chosen by the renowned opera singer Ellen Faull  for her personal piano (click here for more information about her).

With world-famous singers coming to Ms. Faull for private coaching, it was essential that her studio piano be of exceptional quality. So Ms. Faull chose a vintage Steinway B, an instrument regarded for its unique sonority, over a modern Steinway. Ms. Faull had her piano completely restored with a Steinway action and new soundboard. Following the restoration, the piano was lovingly--but not excessively--played in Ms. Faull's studio for approximately two decades by her studio accompanist, Michael Barnes. He wrote:
Having played the Steinway in Ellen's studio for ten or sometimes twenty hours a week for almost 20 years, I have grown very accustomed to its big rich full sound--even with the lid closed! It has a large bass and appropriate middle and high ranges. I have always loved playing it.

Gorgeous Vogel Art Case Grand Piano (Seattle) Sold to a Retirement Community in Vancouver, British Columbia!
  • Schimmel Vogel model V 180 Tradition Intarsie Liaison
  • Mahogany drapee high gloss
  • Length: 180 cm | 5' 10’’
  • Like new, in flawless condition
  • Serviced by one of the city's most respected registered piano technicians
From the Schimmel website:
"Beauty has its price: for example, time. As a rule, it takes over two weeks for our master specialist to complete the inlay work in which he has to integrate over 300 individual filigree elements to form artistic ornaments. Individual and valuable unique designs are produced with the aid of highly developed technical and artistic skills, lending the Vogel grand pianos their particularly noble character."

With its focused and robust tone, this piano both pleases the ear while captivating the eye! Exceptional beauty and value.

Mason & Hamlin AA (Seattle) Sold to a music teacher in Seattle!

This Mason and Hamlin has the distinction of being chosen by an Oregon opera singer and voice professor who won the country's most prestigious vocal competition--The Metropolitan Opera National Auditions. She recognized an exceptional piano when she heard one. The sound is unlike anything you can find in a new piano--it's pure vintage Mason & Hamlin, on par with vintage Steinway. The tone is almost indescribable--warm, full, clear--and the bass is absolutely breathtaking!

The Mason's owner chose this restored 6' 2" vintage mahogany piano, knowing that there would be nothing further to do. With a new pinblock, new action, new strings, new keytops, and new finish this piano is ready for 100 years of playing.

Schimmel Konzert Series Grand Model 169 (Seattle) Sold to the owners of a prominent northwest business!
This gorgeous Schimmel Konzert Series Grand Model 169 is a top-class instrument designed for discriminating music professionals. If you are unfamiliar with Schimmel pianos, visit their Website.

Purchased new less than two years ago, this exceptional instrument is in pristine condition. Only lightly played, this Schimmel Konzert grand is essentially a new instrument--but without the "new piano" price tag!   A rare opportunity!

As a bonus, this Schimmel is equipped with the hidden iPod player system that allows you to hear your piano played by some of the the world's greatest pianists. The educational, creative, and playback opportunities are vast. You can control the piano from many popular music delivery systems such as an iPod, MP3, DVD player, among other devices. And according to iQ, "you'll always be able to use the latest music playback gear to control your piano. Think of it as a built in insurance on your investment."  To learn more about the many possibilities of iQ Intelligent Player System click here. For a video demonstration, click here.
  Kawai GS-30 Grand Piano (Seattle) Sold to an Orcas Island, WA family of remarkable young musicians. Take a peek here and here!

This is a wonderful Kawai grand piano from the prized GS-30 series. The overall tone is sonorous and more complex than the sound associated with so many Asian pianos. The bass is robust. These tonal qualities make this Kawai a great choice for classical players. 

Chickering Model 119 (Seattle)  Sold to the Daniels Recital Hall located in downtown Seattle!

Chosen by First United Methodist Church in Downtown Seattle, this former church/concert-venue piano is an extraordinary find!  Not only is the piano visually gorgeous, but the sound is literally breathtaking! 

Just last year, The Piano Connection facilitated the sale of another such Chickering (see our Sold page).  The sound of these instruments is truly remarkable: the depth of tone is tremendous, sonorous, rich and complex.  Imagine a richer, more resonant Steinway B, a bass like a fine nine-foot grand, and you’re beginning to understand the expressive capabilities of this instrument!  
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