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Kawai Grand Piano (Seattle) Sold to a WA physician for the US armed forces!

Equipped with an Piano Disc system, Dad can "play" the Kawai while the family takes lessons. He wrote:
"The Kawai sounds beautiful in our home and makes a fine centerpiece in our living room. I am very pleased with the player system and keep it on as often as I can. My daughter has not had her first lesson yet but is sitting down to sight read music from her favorite musicals. Some of my wife's repertoire from childhood is beginning to return. I'm very please with the choice of piano and the final cost of everything involved. Thank you for your help through the entire process of acquiring our first piano. We would not have been this satisfied without your help."
This Schweighoger & Sohne 6'8" rosewood grand built ca. 1875 found a new home with the musical director of International Artists and the Daniels Recital Hall.


Stunning Bubinga finish Mason and Hamlin AA.  Sold to a family in the San Francisco, CA area! 

Let The Piano Connection locate a Mason & Hamlin grand or vertical piano for you at the best price!

Steinway L Grand Piano (Kirkland) Sold to Cashmere Presbyterian Church, Cashmere, WA!
This Steinway exhibits the nuanced tone quality unique to vintage Steinways. The dynamic range and tonal palette are impressive.

Gorgeous refinished mahogany, ivory keytops in excellent condition, original hammers shaped with plenty of felt for future filings, regulated and finely voiced.


Restored Steinway O (Seattle) Sold!
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Beautifully restored and refinished, this is a Vintage piano with an age-defying appearance. For those who appreciate classic cabinet details, note the graceful curved and detailed music rack.

Historic Rosewood Steinway B (Seattle) Sold to a family in New Mexico!

This instrument was purchased by a discerning buyer who recognized its timeless beauty and knew that a restored Steinway can be better than new! Purchased for complete restoration, the total costs will be one-third to half the price of a new seven-foot Steinway! It was shipped from Seattle, WA to Albuquerque, NM.

Steinway B thumbnail Steinway B Grand (Seattle) Sold to a family on the Olympic Penninsula!

Chosen for its magnificent sound, this former concert venue piano was lightly played in its NW home. This beautifully balanced instrument offers a wide tonal range that projects wonderfully across all registers. The sound is focused, bold, but never overly-bright. The action is well-regulated, extremely responsive, and easy to control.  Sold for one third the cost of a new Steinway B.

Steinway Model B (Seattle) Sold to the Seattle Drum School for its concert series!

Built in 1941 and chosen by Steinway as a concert instrument, this piano was completely restored with a new action and soundboard.  It's ready for 100 years of playing!
Steinway Model B (Bellingham, WA) Sold to a family on the Washington Coast!

Built in 1877 and completely restored in the 1990s.   


Steinway L (Seattle) Sold!

This Steinway L Grand was purchased new in 1996. With its built-in piano disc system and speakers you can hear great jazz, classical, and pop pianists playing your piano. Record yourself on a disc, and then play it back to listen. You can also transpose anything with the touch of a button or change the tempo. This is great for singers who need a song in a different key. 


Steinway (Hamburg) O (Gig Harbor, WA) Sold!





Steinway M (Bellevue, WA) Sold!

This restored vintage Steinway has been treasured by its Portland owner's family for two generations! It found a new home in Bellevue, WA. 

  Steinway B Grand Piano (Seattle) Sold to a family on Mercer Island, WA!

Custom high gloss finish, 11 years old, in pristine condition.
Steinway B (Seattle) Sold!

Consigned and sold to University Lutheran Church, Seattle.

Boston Grand (Lake Forest Park, WA) Sold!

The Piano Connection's first consignment sold to a Bothell, WA family!

Grotrian-Steinweg Concert Grand (Seattle)  Sold!

The last piano produced in the prized model 275 series, bearing the personal signature of Herr Grotrian. This Grotrian-Steinweg offers a sublime playing experience. The rich resonance, power, and clarity are treasured features of this exceptional European piano.

Mason & Hamlin AA (Seattle) Sold to a music teacher in Seattle!

This Mason and Hamlin has the distinction of being chosen by an Oregon opera singer and voice professor who won the country's most prestigious vocal competition--The Metropolitan Opera National Auditions. She recognized an exceptional piano when she heard one. The sound is unlike anything you can find in a new piano--it's pure vintage Mason & Hamlin, on par with vintage Steinway. The tone is almost indescribable--warm, full, clear--and the bass is absolutely breathtaking!

The Mason's owner chose this restored 6' 2" vintage mahogany piano, knowing that there would be nothing further to do. With a new pinblock, new action, new strings, new keytops, and new finish this piano is ready for 100 years of playing.
Mason & Hamlin Grand (Seattle) Sold!

This extraordinary 1980 Mason & Hamlin Model A, 5'8" is a real gem. Mason & Hamlin pianos are prized for their rich, warm, lyrical tone, with a long sustain. This instrument is a beautiful example of the prized American sound that many prefer over Steinway.
  Baldwin L (Kirkland) Sold to a Bellevue, WA family.

This 1982 Baldwin model L, 6'3" belonged to a piano instructor, who selected it for home use after she retired from teaching. She chose this particular piano because it is one of the great-sounding Baldwins produced at a time when Baldwin and Steinway were considered as equals and commanded similar prices on the marketplace. 

  Yamaha C3 (Portland)  Sold!

 In flawless condition, this fine instrument sold to a Portland family!


Knabe Grand Piano (Seattle) Sold!

Lovingly cared for, this 6' 4" Knabe has possess the legendary tone that made Knabe the official piano of the Metropolitan and San Francisco Opera Companies for decades. Purchased new in 1974, this one-family piano has remained in the piano-friendly Northwest for its entire life.
Knabe Professional Grand (Seattle) Sold!
Professional singers and pianists alike love the Knabe for its complex American sound. This instrument was the cherished instrument of a professional singer. It's not surprising that Knabe was the official piano of the Metropolitan and San Francisco Opera Companies for a sizeable portion of the 20th century.
Knabe Grand Piano, walnut finish (Kirkland) Sold!
  Petrof Model P III (Seattle) Sold to a discriminating pianist in Bellevue, WA!

6 feet 4 inches, with adjustable duet artists bench.
Petrof pianos are manufactured by hand in the Czech Republic and are highly regarded for their craftsmanship and lyrical tone. I always encourage my students to purchase a Petrof--whenever one can be found--for their satisfying expressive capabilities and excellent value.  In our opinion, the 6' 4" Petrof outperforms many European, Asian, and costlier American instruments of its size. The sound of this Petrof is inviting, lyrical, powerful but never harsh. Petrofs are capable of a large dynamic range, from sparkling bell-like clarity (great for projecting the melody above the harmony) to soft, dark sonorities. This is a piano that can play whisper-soft pianissimos. The sound is focused with the sustain characteristic of European pianos. So it's a wonderful instrument for the classical piano repertoire. With its sparkle and clarity of tone, it's also a great instrument for jazz players!  In his authoritative reference The Piano Book, Larry Fine ranks Petrof above Asian pianos. Petrof pianos are becoming increasingly rare and costly owing to limited production and export.
  Petrof IV Grand (Seattle)
Sold to a pianist in Sammamish, WA, who immediately recognized the Petrof's exceptional quality and value!

Petrof IV Grand (Seattle) Sold to a filmmaker in Oregon!

Petrof instruments, manufactured in the Czech Republic, are increasingly rare and thus more valuable than ever. They are renowned for their inviting, lyrical tone and impressive dynamic range. 



Petrof III Grand Piano (Seattle) Sold and soon to be heard in the recordings of a humanitarian organization!

Purchased new in 2000, this instrument was meticulously cared for by its original owner. The lucky second owner bought this fine piano for a fraction of the cost of a new Petrof, Schimmel, or comparable instrument.
American-built, handcrafted Sohmer (Seattle) Sold to a family in Lake Oswego, Oregon!

A sweet powerhouse with real eye-appeal, refinished and completely rebuilt with a new soundboard, this Sohmer is a wonderful find.

Unfamiliar with the Sohmer manufacturer? Larry Fine, author of The Piano Book, includes Sohmer in his list of most highly regarded pianos prior to 1930, along with Steinway, Knabe, Bosendorfer, Baldwin, Mason and Hamlin, A.B. Chase, among others. "During its many years in New York, the Sohmer piano was known as a fine handcrafted instrument. Sohmer had a close, informal association with the other major New York piano maker, Steinway, and many of Sohmer's manufacturing methods were similar to Steinway's." 

Baldwin R (Seattle) Sold to a family of pianists in Mukilteo, WA!

This Baldwin R possess the rich and robust sound characteristic of Baldwin pianos from this especially fine period. The depth of tone suggests a much larger piano, so it is a wonderful choice when space is limited. It has been meticulously maintained by its owner, a professional singer. 
Baldwin Grand Model L (Seattle) Sold to a student of an Ellensburg, WA, music teacher!

Bold and beautiful, this Baldwin has an exceptionally big sound (it was chosen by a Portland piano teacher for personal use). 

 "These instruments are built to a standard favoring high-performance design features, materials, and workmanship. Most are consistent, predictably uniform instruments with few defects. Greater hand labor put into refining touch and tone during manufacture. Probably more durable over the long term than those in lower categories." The Piano Book (Larry Fine).


Kawai Grand Piano (Shoreline/Seattle) Sold to a talented advanced pianist in Renton, WA!
  • Model GS-40, 6' 1"
  • Serial number 2052017
  • One owner piano
  • Purchased new in the Northwest and meticulously cared for
  • Exceptional condition and value


  Kawai GS-30 Grand Piano (Seattle) Sold to an Orcas Island, WA family of remarkable young musicians. Take a peek here and here!
This is a wonderful Kawai grand piano from the prized GS-30 series. The overall tone is sonorous and more complex than the sound associated with so many Asian pianos. The bass is robust. These tonal qualities make this Kawai a great choice for classical players. 

Kawai Grand Piano (Bellevue, WA) Sold!

The Piano Connection highly recommends Kawai grand pianos from this period for their exceptional quality and value. This one-owner piano was purchased new in 1980 and played only lightly by an adult beginner. The piano has been beautifully maintained and the cabinet is in excellent condition. The seller came to The Piano Connection after learning that we provided a similar Kawai grand to a young virtuoso in Seattle.

Kawai Grand  (Seattle) Sold to a West Seattle family!

This 1971 5'1" piano Kawai, built in Japan, outperforms newly manufactured pianos of this size and make. "The best instrument I've ever played of this size. It's astonishing!"-- The Piano Connection's Founder.

Chickering Vertical (Seattle) Sold to a music teacher in Kirkland, WA!

One-owner instrument.
  Chickering Grand (Seattle) Sold to a Tacoma music teacher.

If you're looking for a piano with a rich, sonorous and mature sound, consider this especially fine restored 6'4" Chickering. Built in America in the 1920s, when Chickerings were ranked with Steinways, this Chickering sings!  The bass is exceptional--tremendously sonorous and bold. New hammers and newer strings complement its traditional craftsmanship. This instrument possesses the nuances and tone colors that you would find on other fine hand-crafted pianos, like Steinway and Mason & Hamlin--sonorities not found on newer, factory made, assembly-line pianos. In addition, the Chickering's classic, cabinet detailing make this an all-around elegant instrument. Just fully regulated, tuned, and voiced by a registered piano technician in Seattle, there's nothing left to do except enjoy!  
Chickering Grand (Seattle) Sold to a conductor!

7 feet 6 inches, built in 1896 and completely rebuilt by Sherman Clay Pianos, this Chickering possesses unbelievable sonority! 

Chickering Vertical (Seattle) Sold to a music teacher in Kirkland, WA!

One-owner instrument.
Knabe Grand  (Seattle) Sold to a music teacher near Mt. Rainier, WA!




Baldwin Concert Grand (Seattle) Sold!


Mason & Hamlin Grand Model T (Seattle) Sold to a Member of the Seattle Music Teachers' Association.

Close your eyes and you're playing a Steinway M or L for a fraction of the cost.

This instrument is a vintage Mason and Hamlin--"one of America's pre-eminent pianos," according to Larry Fine, author of The Piano Book.

  Wurlitzer Parlor Grand (Seattle) Sold to a university graduate/music major in eastern Washington!

This piano is a perfect match for the discriminating musician who requires a fine instrument for a smaller living room, apartment or teaching studio. The new Renner action gives it the feel and responsiveness of a larger grand. The soundboard design allows this smaller instrument to produce the tonal range, depth of sound, and volume of a bigger piano.
Kohler & Campbell (Seattle) Sold!

This well-maintained instrument sold for half the price of new. Its darker sound offers more depth and sustain than typical Asian pianos of this size and price.


  George P. Bent Crown Orchestral Piano (Seattle) Sold to a Seattle family who recognized this piano's exceptional value!

Full sound, restored action, silent and muted modes, delightful tonal effects, distinguished history.
  Fandrich Vertical (Seattle) Sold!

This Fandrich piano was matched to a new home through The Piano Connection's music teacher network. Seller and buyer were delighted with the outcome.

Steinway K Vertical (Gig Harbor) Sold to Bailey's Bibliomania in Ellensburg, WA!

This refinished vintage Steinway K vertical (serial number 120290) is ready for your restorative touches. Asking $1600.

Krakauer Bros. Vertical (Seattle) Sold to a physician who appreciates fine vintage craftsmanship!

Chosen by The Piano Connection as a wonderful alternative to most verticals under $8,000.